Bliss by Poliquin Group

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Bliss is composed of dietary supplements that help with balancing cortisol levels, neurochemicals and essential vitamins and minerals that help decrease the effects of stress on the body*. The ingredients in Bliss may help reduce stress and stress-related food cravings and may help improve neurochemical balance*.

Bliss contains a proprietary combination herbal supplement Relora (Phellodendron and Magnolia extracts), which is reported to help improve cortisol balance and to
improve symptoms related to stress-induced eating*. In addition, Relora has been reported to reduce cortisol spikes due to athletic training that can lead to reduced performance*. Bliss also contains the herbal extract Evodia (Evodia rutaecarpa), which is reported to help improve neurochemical balance and improve insulin regulation*. Bliss contains the nutrients 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and Quatrefolate. 5-HTP is included to help balance serotonin levels and reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings, commonly reported in stress-related disorders. Quatrefolate is an active form of folate, which is used to help improve dopamine pools and to improve methylation reactions*.