The 4 Pillars of Health Stack from ATP Science

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The Four Pillars are designed to help support the foundation of health and the nutrients required to force change in the body the way they are naturally designed and intended, through means of mucosal integrity, gut health microbiome, Fatty acids for cellular health, cognitive support and lipid balance and micronutrients to support the function of healthy conversion, detoxification, and energy. Stacking The Four Pillars together as a daily support foundation, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet provides the tools for optimum health and function. By combining the four, you are covering:

Pillar 1. Gutright – Working on the ratios of your gut microbiome population to break down the build-up of biofilms, correction of the ratios between good and bad bacteria and support the function of our detoxification organs; the kidneys and the liver. Find out more on Gutright here.

Pillar 2. Resilience – Creating a stronger mucosal immunity, improving the gut wall lining and balancing the innate immune response see-saw in relation to how the body responds to a threat and how quickly the threat is resolved and returned back to a state of homeostasis. Find out more on Resilience here.

Pillar 3. Multifood – Providing both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins for our micronutrient support network. These vitamin co-factors are responsible for so many biological functions, hormonal conversion pathways, detoxification support and the tiny pieces of the puzzle that fit into our Krebs cycle, the furnace that creates our energy to live. Find out more on Multifood here.

Pillar 4. Aurum Oil – This golden elixir of Essential, conditionally-essential and non-essential fatty acids provides the body with the tools it requires for our fatty acid support network and integrity of our oily structures such as membranes, conversion pathways, and cognitive processes. 100% plant-based spectrum of omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 along with GLA, CLA, and CLnA. Find out more on Aurum Oil Here.

Providing the tools to build a solid foundation in the body takes much of the guesswork out of systemic imbalances, if the bases are covered with the nutrients required to force change and correction then we can start to see how good we are designed to feel and what the body is really capable of.