Advanced Hypertrophy Training Protocol

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For the advanced trainer we've now introduced our eight week, dual phase, Alpha Ethos Advanced Hypertrophy Protocol.


This phase emphasises a Metabolic Stimulus with a focus on a higher density of work paired with incomplete rest intervals to cause a metabolic stress due to the build up of by-products from the anaerobic lactic energy system.

Expect minimal tempo, be prepared to push through the pain and expect to feel as if someone has taken a flame thrower to your working muscles. This program may burn a little.


This phase emphasises mechanical load with a focus on higher load and mechanical tension via prolonged tempo’s to increase time under tension on the working muscles whilst using max RM’s.

Also added are extended set techniques that prolong TUT with out sacrificing load as well as Post Acitvation Potentiation methods to maximise force expression to maximise mechanical tension placed upon the working muscle.