The Dirty Truth - To Dirty Bulk or Not To Dirty Bulk?

For as long as time, bodybuilders have always been fascinated with the scales and weight. But having such focus on this one thing, has it been to the detriment of the big picture and the efficiency of reaching the ultimate goal of maximum tissue growth.

Forever I have heard of guys doing a bulking phase and proclaiming that they have put on 15kg in 12 weeks and so on and so on.

Considering that I would believe putting 3-4kg of stage weight on in a season as very successful, no question, where are the 15kg gains that I keep hearing about?

Let’s break this down then… a guy gets motivated to put on weight, he supplements, increases caloric intake, but is loose with nutrient selection as he sees the fastest way to get to where he wants to go is to eat and eat big and eat everything.

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